Our focus is not simply on making you happy, we have a world view too and use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that mean your carpet not only gets a complete clean, it's a green clean

A regular vacuum cleaner isn't totally effective at removing all the dirt and bacteria that collects in our carpets over the years - that's when you need a deep clean and stain removal service which penetrates the fibres and puts the life back into your carpet.

Our Method


Dirt and stains will be gone with hot water extraction method. We also do just stains be it a spilt wine or cup of coffee for minimum call out fee. We do deodorize for no extra charge, specialised urine treatment to remove nasty smells.


Wool and stain resilient carpet with the appropriate chemicals that do no leave any residues to resoil carpets.


Our process starts with a pile lift vacuum which removes pet hair and fluff that gets mated into the pile. Then I pre spray and agitate, if need be, for heavy soils and let dwell for 15 min. Then we commence to clean with very hot water and scrub, if need be. Extra dry strokes with wand quickens dry times in colder weather. At this stage, we will remove and gum, tar, wax, coffee, red wine, and any other stain.


We can speed up dry times even more by setting blowers to increase dry times to only 4 hours. Then deodorize to leave a fresh scent, We also can do flood extraction and dry carpet and underlay.

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Our Services cover

Carpet Cleaning
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Upholstery Cleaning
Flood restoration
drying gear hire ( blowers + dehumidifiers )